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What does a high quality dent repair cost?

Before we get into the technical details...

It's IMPORTANT to understand that there's a HUGE difference between high quality Paintless Dent Removal delivered by highly skilled, experienced technicians and low quality shoddy fixes by the cheapest guy in town.


so if you're looking for the cheapest quote then please keep on Googling.

If, on the other hand you're looking for a quality repair with tremendous service levels, then please read on for some guidance on how we work out the costs involved......


There are many factors that a qualified PDR technician must take into consideration before applying his magic touch to any dent, not least: 

  • the diameter of the dent
  • the depth of the damage
  • the equation between diameter and depth
  • the stretch and scarring within the damage
  • the location of the damage on the panel
  • the availability of access to the back of the dent
  • the make and model of the car
  • the material used to form the body panels
  • the colour of the paint
  • the age and originality of the paint
  • what caused the dent
  • the outside temperature on the day the damage occurred and the day it’s repaired.

Because all of these factors play a part in the repair process, each dent is as individual as a fingerprint.

Whilst two dents may look very similar, they will present very different challenges for the technician and require a very different approach to achieve a top quality repair. On that basis, the price brackets below are for GUIDE PURPOSES ONLY and ultimately the attending technician is going to be best placed to advise for the best outcome on your vehicle.

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Types of dents

  • simple door dentboot lid dentBlue color Dent RepairGrey Colour dent repair

    Non Complex – Dings And Dents

    From £120 -£200

    Non complex dents should in theory be the most straightforward to repair.

    They would include the ubiquitous door ding (car door meets car door),

    shopping trolley damage ( happens) and various other light impacts.

    They would generally be fairly round in shape and not particularly deep or sharp but still they're still visible when caught in a reflection and tend spoil what is an otherwise lovely clean, straight car.

    The reason for there being such a wide variance in the price is predominantly due to the work that may be involved in gaining access behind the damage. Unforeseen obstructions such as crash-bars, strengthening sections or even sound deadening material will demand a different approach to getting the perfect repair.

  • Paintless front dent removalSide dent removalWing Dent RemovalGreen Dent Removal

    Complex damage

    From £150 -£350

    Apart from being more severe than non complex damage, there will be more defined and creased or unusual shapes within the dent.

    Often located around body lines, this more complex damage will be deeper/ sharper/ larger and have some 'bulged out' high areas, these highs will require far more working from the outside of the panel in order to de-stress the metal prior to and during the application of a series of lifts using multi textured rods or levers from behind the damage.

    They will require a more experienced technician, higher skill levels, extensive tooling and last but not least... more TIME to achieve the quality result we're proud of.

  • Large damaged door repairAfter repairRed car dent repairAfter Dent repair

    Special Projects

    From £350 - £2500

    Special projects ....

    What can we say here ? 

    We've seen it all from  garage doors closing prematurely onto a roof or bonnet , to some charming human being kicking your car on the way home from a drunken Friday night out to a bit of careless reversing.

    They can often involve multiple panel repairs where the car has been vandalised  (ran over) or caught in a hailstorm and peppered with hundreds if not thousands of dents.

    Rectification of this type of damage requires the highest skill levels combined with cutting edge tooling and a massive amount of patience.


    Top Quality PDR is the ONLY way to repair the damage to your vehicle whilst retaining the manufacturers paint finish.

    Originality is priceless.

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