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Is Your Vehicle More Prone To Minor Dents?

What is perhaps most frustrating as a safe and careful driver is that despite this, minor dents will still appear on your cars bodywork at an alarming rate. Well, what if we told you that your car was more prone to picking up a knock because of its colour?

Whilst many may argue that the colour of your vehicle will not reflect the number of accidents that take place and it is in fact due to the popularity of a car colour, we suspect that there may be more in it than that. As a result, we have decided to a look the car colours that often require some Mobile Paintless Dent Repair.

Whether it’s because black cars are harder to see in the dark or not, they are considered the most dangerous vehicles to drive. According to a 20 year study, carried out by a team of researchers in Australia, black cars are 47% more likely to be involved in an accident. Together with grey, silver, red and blue vehicles, they fail to stand out against the background of the road, scenery and other traffic.

Despite red cars proving less popular than they were previously, during the 1980’s and 1990’s, it appears that they are beginning to make quite the comeback. They account for 10% of all car dent repairs carried out. Similarly, blue cars are still accountable for 15% of all repairs even though they are decreasing in popularity. In fact, the number of repairs carried out on either a grey or silver car are the only colours consistent with their popularity.

Interestingly, the same study that suggested black cars are the most dangerous to drive also hinted that white and yellow cars are involved in the fewest number of car accidents. Whether this is down to popularity, the vehicle’s visibility or the driver’s ability, scientists cannot be confident in a single reason and have put the results down to an amalgamation of all of the aforementioned.

Whatever the colour of your car, Dent Devils are always on hand to help if you need dent removal. Simply give us a call today and we will be sure to send one of our highly qualified dent repair experts in your local areas to restore your pride and joy at a time and place convenient for you!