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I’ve got a dent, how much mate ?

Well if I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked that question in the past 20 years I’d be rich enough that I wouldn’t be sitting here writing about it.

So there’s a reason why we don’t like to publish a “dents cost this much to fix” type price point. It’s not that we’re lazy, given to being deliberately vague or trying to hide anything sinister.

It’s a bit like asking “How much are houses?” or “how long is a piece of string?”

They are all different, different makes, models, locations, colours etc. and consequently they cost different amounts to repair.

Let’s take all those things out of the equation for a moment and imagine that we have two identical cars with two identical dents, one customer needs it repairing today and the other is happy to wait for a day when we’re close by, should there be cost a difference? Of course there should.

An emergency call to solve a problem for someone returning a hire car or trying to get it fixed before their husband gets home is part of our service and we probably get somebody out of a tight spot at least twice a day but if we have to stop working on another car to come and do yours there’s probably going to be a cost to doing that.

How about two dents the same but in different towns?

Well if we have great technician coverage in one town and we’re fifty miles from the other then yes there's a difference as fuel and tyres and time cost money.

So now we’re getting into the nitty gritty of it let’s talk about having the same impact on the same car and the same panel but 30mm away from each other, the damage caused, the difficulty, techniques and time to repair are wildly different.

If you've ever seen a quality pdr repair being carried out you’ll have noticed that it’s not just a case of bish, bash, bosh it’s done, nothing could be further from reality.

It’s more like micro surgery for cars, we firstly have to work out how we’re going to access the damage followed by a combination of extremely complex techniques to bring about a quality repair and all of those things need to be assessed to be sure we give your car the best possible care.

Having a couple of pictures of the damage can help us hugely when estimating the cost to repair your specific damage as without one we’re just guessing the length of your particular piece of string.

Steve Lamb