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Like the back of our hands

As far back as I can remember I have taken things apart just to see how they work and to test if I could put them back together again still in working order.

My obsession grew year on year as Father Christmas bought ever more complex gifts like skateboards and push bikes, they were always dismantled by new year's day and it’s safe to say that many were never quite the same again after re-assembly.

I once thought it would be cool to retrofit cow-horn handlebars to my so uncool racer, YES, this was my very first attempt at customisation and tuning and I was chuffed to bits until I realised that my brake cables now weren't long enough to allow me to reach the levers .

So I did what every 14 year old would have done in the 70’s, I took them off and used my tesco tearaways as friction brakes.

I was now lightweight, streamlined and cool as Evil Kenevil, well almost.

I had absolutely no care for how unsafe it was without brakes because it was only my safety at stake and it was the 70’s,,, we just didn't care.

We were bad ass like that!

So where’s this going and what’s it got to do with cars and mobile paintless dent removal ?

Well I think what I’m trying to say is that this was the beginning of my pdr underpinning knowledge training.

It’s in my blood to want to understand what can accessed from the rear of the damage in a specific area of a certain car and what needs to be removed to get to the trickier bits.

When every few months there’s a new model launched it’s a constant learning curve.

We would never expect to know every nook or cranny of every make and model but you do have to have an in depth knowledge if you want to stay ahead of the game.

The past few years have been particularly interesting with the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles in the marketplace as they have their own challenges to contend with and simply poking your tool blindly into a hole for want of a better phrase is absolutely not a good idea as you run the risk of  damaging the vehicle or blowing yourself into orbit if you get it wrong.

Being able to repair a modern vehicle safely requires years of on the job learning, it’s the kind of knowledge that you won’t find written in any text books or on any websites.You just have to do the hard yards.

I admit it, I broke stuff during that learning process, we all do. However it’s better that I over tightened my skateboard wheels than finding out what breaks whilst working on our customers delicate and much loved motor cars.

With our nationwide network of experienced pdr technicians sharing the information they find on a daily basis we feel that we have the most upto date knowledge of every car on the U.K. roads in 2017.

It’s in our blood.

Steve Lamb.