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Mysterious Minor Dents: The Common Causes

Have you ever got half way through loading your many bags of shopping into the boot of your car, only to find a minor dent staring back at you?

Where did it come from? You could have sworn it wasn’t there when you left your vehicle to do the food shop forty five minutes ago? Could it have mysteriously appeared out of nowhere?

As nice as it may be to know that your dent randomly appeared from nowhere, you should probably accept the truth that someone let their car door knock into your vehicle causing an unwanted ding. Whether it was on purpose or accidental, this doesn’t matter. For you, the result is still the same.

Similarly, hail stones and dents are thought to go hand in hand. So much so hail damage is considered the most natural occurrence of car dents, because after all, you can’t control the weather.  Many insurance companies even look at hail damage as a comprehensive claim. Depending on where you live, it plagues many vehicle owners. Fortunately, where we are based in the UK, they aren’t as common as they are in parts of North America. This said, they do still occur and when they do it is best to be prepared.

Whether your car requires a minor dent repair or some PDR, Dent Devils are considered the best dent removal company in the UK. We offer a nationwide, affordable dent removal service and can visit a location of your choice.

Our premium Mobile Paintless Dent Removal means that we can also remove minor dents within a few hours without damaging your vehicle’s original paintwork. So that irritating dent caused by a shopping trolley won’t necessarily decrease your car’s value!

If you have a mysterious ding that needs sorting, feel free to call our team for a free, no obligation quote today. We set the standard across the UK for high quality dent repairs by carrying out ongoing assessments on each and every one of our experts.