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Mobile Paintless Dent Repair Vs. Traditional Bodyshop Methods

Dent removal using conventional body shop techniques used to be the only choice for car owners. This meant a lot of expense and a good few days without your car,  in other words, a very inconvenient experience!

However, with the evolution of Mobile Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) in recent decades, there is no longer any need to visit your body shop for minor dings and dents to your car body. In fact, PDR has proven to be a highly economical solution, which can take just a few short hours or less.

Mobile Paintless Dent Repair techniques work extremely well on a variety of the most common types of dings, whether the damage is as a result of a rogue shopping trolley, other people’s car doors, wheelie bins or hailstones. PDR is perfect for minor dents where the paintwork is still intact and the metal is not stretched or torn. In fact, our customers are often stunned at the seamless finish we can achieve through using specialist tools and techniques – in the vast majority of cases you would never know a dent had been there! Moreover, PDR is 100% environmentally friendly, unlike the processes used by traditional body shops that release harmful substances into the atmosphere.

One of the best reasons for choosing Dent Devils over a conventional body shop is our ability to restore the flawless finish without re-spraying or filling, which can seriously decrease the value of your car. At a body shop, the process can become very lengthy, whereby technicians remove surrounding paint and apply body filler to recreate the smooth surface, followed by a primer coat, sanding and finally repainting. This process is complex and can lead to variation in paint colour due to problems with colour matching with the original paint. On the other hand, PDR uses no chemicals, no solvents, no primers and no paint; just the specialised tools used by our highly trained Master Technicians to massage the dent back into place.

Our Mobile Dent Repair Service coming directly to you, it couldn’t be more convenient! If you have minor dents in your vehicle, the best option is undoubtedly PDR. As the leading experts in the country, you can’t get better than Dent Devils to provide fantastic customer service and flawless results every time. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote and save time and effort by choosing Dent Devils.