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PDR; an ethical repair system?

I need to start by telling you my background….

I began my motor trade career working in a body shop, repairing cars that had been involved in minor accidents.

An average job would be to replace a bonnet,wing,bumper and headlamp and then refinish the new panels to match.

I enjoyed the work but never really stopped to think about the cost to the environment, the energy used or the pollution caused to make those new parts, to distribute those parts from the manufacturer to the repair location, the primer, the sandpaper, the paint and the energy that the bodyshop/spray booth uses and that’s before the pollution caused by releasing tons of voc’s (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere.

There was no choice was there?

Well not really when we’re talking about panels that are too badly damaged to save but there were definitely times when a panel could have been repaired by PDR without the need for all that pollution and we took it off,threw it in the skip and ordered a new one anyway.

An horrendous confession I know but as I said I was young and never gave the emissions a thought.

So now I’m a little older I see things differently I know deep down that the choices I made weren't the most ethical ones and feel a responsibility to make sure that where possible I do my bit towards lowering the pollution on our planet.

We try to restore every car body panel that it’s possible to save.

I recently saw a body shop manager about to cut a roof off a 6 month old BMW M5 because it’s had 60 or 70 small dents in it caused by driving through a hail storm on the way back from France I felt compelled to fight for the integrity of that car and the unnecessary damage to the environment.

On that occasion my protests were in vain and they did cut the roof off and replace it with a new one, so the environment suffered what about the car?

Well the insurance company and the repairer will tell you that it’s as good as new but in my opinion it’ll never be that, It might look the same but it’s not a car I’d want to own.

Dent devils repair 170,000 cars per year and do you know how many tonnes of waste chemicals we pump into the air during repair ?

None, zero, nothing!!!

That makes me so proud to say (or in this case type) but it doesn’t stop there.

Environmental ethics are not just present in our repair method they are actually woven into our company's DNA.

Even our invoicing system is predominantly paperless to avoid unnecessary deforestation.

Our impact on the environment is so low that it’s difficult to imagine a company of our size that uses less energy, or has a lower carbon footprint unless they spend all day planting trees!

Not content with this, we’re currently looking towards the widespread usage of low energy/ clean fuel vehicles across the network to stay as environmentally proactive as possible as the technology becomes more accessible.

We’re doing our bit, are you doing yours?

Mobile Paintless dent removal from Dent Devils is the most ethical repair solution available in 2017


Car body repair doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Steve lamb