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The Advantages of Mobile Paintless Dent Removal

The advantages of Mobile Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) are great and many, here's my list of the main reasons you should chose a paintless repair where possible.




It's fast:
Most of our repairs are completed within an hour and even the angry one's are generally repaired in a couple or three.
We often move our schedules to accommodate the needs of our customers who need a repair doing sooner rather than later.
We try to resolve issues like a lease car going back or a rental car being returned with damage that would be chargeable to the customer.

It's Convenient :
We operate a fully mobile service so there's no need to interrupt your busy life to get your car repaired.
We visit our customers at home, work or anywhere it's convenient to get their cars back to looking their best , just get in touch and we'll do the rest. How simple is that?

It's Cost Effective:
Notice I didn't say it was cheap....
In most cases we offer to repair the vehicle for substantially less than the body shop alternative of replace and repaint.
Why ? Well we don't have the overheads and materials to pay for and we won't need a new panel. We restore the damaged panel back to it's original best.
What you are paying for with PDR is the skill and experience of the technician. That knowledge can't be learned from a book neither is it held within the millions of Google pages available online, this knowledge can only be gained by repairing dent's on a daily basis and learning at every opportunity backed up with constant training and information sharing.

It Retains the integrity and value of the car:
We know that cars that show no signs of repair will be worth more than one that looks "got at" .
Yup, that's right . The originality of any vehicle is only ever there once and when it's gone it's gone for good.
If the car is kept well and serviced regularly it will attract a wider market of potential buyers and ultimately be worth more than one that is beginning to look a bit tired.

So how many more reasons do you need to choose PDR?

Surely that's enough already ?