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Welcome to Dent Devils East Sussex! Dent Devil’s were established back in 1995 and now have 20+ years of experience in paintless dent repair. We specialise in repairing the extreme damage that many other companies will tell you can’t be repaired by PDR and we're fully trained and qualified to repair ALL makes of vehicle including electric and hybrid.

Our dent repair technicians in Dent Devils are all mobile specialists. Dent removal masters come to you, whether at your home or workplace, to complete mobile car body repairs from vehicles fully-equipped as workshops.

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Paintless Dent Repair in East Sussex

No matter how careful you are with your car sooner or later there's a very high chance that you'll pick up an unwelcome dent on your vehicle’s bodywork. They can be caused by the careless parking or doors opening onto your car in a retail park or supermarket car park or even by something dropping from a high shelf in your garage.

Choosing a PDR repair over a body shop repair has several advantages, there's no need to claim from your already expensive car insurance, you won't have to get in a fluster arranging courtesy cars and we will keep your vehicle 100% original.

As we all know cars that show evidence of the previous paintwork are often valued 50% lower than their more original counterparts so the future value of your car is also kept in great shape.

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Introducing Your Local Repair Technician

Jon Taylor is the Dent Devils technician for East Sussex and is here to help. An IMI ATA and Electric vehicle level 2 qualified Dent Devils master technician for 15 years, Jon regularly carries out repairs for car body shops, car manufacturers, insurance companies, as well as his own highly satisfied clients.

The PDR service is environmentally friendly and does not involve the use of chemicals nor does it require a lot of equipment. However, it does require experience and patience to be delivered efficiently and effectively.

If you have found yourself with a dent in your car and are in East Essex, don’t worry Dent Devil’s mobile paintless dent repair service will come to you and fix your dent. Why choose Devil’s PDR?

  • Fast, clean and economical dent repair service;
  • Convenient mobile service – we come to you;
  • Retain your original factory finish with no paint required.

So, if your car has attracted some damage, give it the love it deserves without worrying about your insurance excess and get in touch.

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