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How our repairs help you and the environment

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Our environmental credentials

Environmental ethics are not just present in our repair method they are actually woven into it's DNA. Our system relies on the restoration and reuse of the original panel so no parts are required and no energy is used transporting those parts from the manufacturer to the repair location.

Our tools can last for years and the only consumable is a very small amount of polish to finish the repair off, an average technician will have the same 1 litre bottle of polish for 3 to 5 years.Even our invoicing system is paperless to avoid unnecessary deforestation.

Our impact on the environment is so low that it's difficult to imagine a company of our size that uses less energy, or has a lower carbon footprint unless they spend all day planting trees!

Not content with this, we're currently looking towards the widespread usage of low energy/ clean fuel vehicles across the network to stay as environmentally proactive as possible as the technology becomes more accessible.

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Saving you more than money

Whilst we're very proud of our ethical approach to car body repair we're just as dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and driving great value for money. This wing would otherwise have been replaced and then repainted at the bodyshop. We saved the customer time, money and inconvenience whilst preventing another panel going to scrap!

Simply put, paintless dent removal from Dent Devils is the most ethical and effective repair solution available today!

Dent Repair service

Working with body repairers

Even when your vehicle requires repainting, we can still help. We often carry out projects in conjunction with body repairers to provide your vehicle with the best method of repair.

Often this can involve us repairing panels in the "blend" area where traditional repair would otherwise result in the new paintwork extending further along the vehicle.

In more extreme cases and where panels are welded on (typically roof and quarter panel), we can save the vehicle from major surgery by reinstating strength into the damaged panel and reshaping prior to paint refinishing. "Push to paint", as it is often referred, reduces key to key times, replacement costs and vehicle trauma.

Dent repair

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