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Winter Is Coming! Dent Devils’ Top Tips For Driving In Ice and Snow.

That time of year is fast approaching once again, standing on the driveway with our ice scrapers at the ready on the chilly winter mornings. Although there isn’t any snow forecast for the near future, it is important to be prepared for all weather eventualities. At Dent Devils, we know that dings and minor dents to your vehicle aren’t always avoidable; however by taking these precautions in the snow and ice you are much less likely to take a bump or knock.

  • Plan your route beforehand. It is usually a good idea to stick to main roads rather than smaller lanes and backroads as these may not have been gritted.
  • Check your tyres for sufficient tread. Worn tyres will not grip well to snowy or icy roads. If you live in areas prone to heavy snow, such as Scotland and Northern England, it may be beneficial to change to winter tyres with a deeper tread.
  • Allow extra time for de-icing your car. If using water to defrost the outside of your car, use lukewarm water – never boiling or hot. Also, don’t forget to clear side windows and mirrors as well, these are just as important for visibility.
  • Remove snow from the top of your car. Otherwise, if you have to break suddenly, snow may fall on the windscreen and hinder your vision.
  • Pull away in second gear, accelerating gently to avoid high revs. Then change up to a high gear as quickly as possible.
  • Whilst driving, it is essential to be aware of the distance between you and the vehicle in front. You may need to leave as much as ten times the normal recommended gap between you, as stopping distances are far higher in icy conditions.
  • If driving in snow, maintain as constant speed as possible. If you drive too fast you risk losing control, however driving too slowly means you won’t gain enough momentum to make it up snowy hills.
  • If you encounter a skid, try to steer gently into it and don’t panic! If the rear of the vehicle is sliding to the right, steer the wheel to the right as well. Never stamp your foot on the brake or take your hands off the steering wheel.
  • When driving on the motorway, keep to the clearer lanes.
  • Ensure you use your fog lights or dipped headlights if you’re driving through falling snow, to ensure other road users can see you.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to require car dent repair during these winter months due, Dent Devils can help. As the UK’s leading mobile paintless dent repair specialists, we are experts at restoring minor dents and dings to an extremely high standard. Our Master Technicians can fit around you with our mobile dent repair service, to keep the whole process as stress and hassle-free as possible. Give us a ring or fill out an enquiry form for a free quote today.