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There's no need to panic should you return to your vehicle and find a dent or crease in the bodywork as our highly skilled ‘master technicians’ can remove them using paintless dent removal techniques. This process retains your original factory finish without the need for costly body shop repair methods of filling and re-painting.

P.D.R. is the ONLY way to maintain the manufacturers body warranty and keep the original factory paint finish when a repair is needed.

As we know vehicles that show evidence of previous paintwork are often valued lower than one that is still in it's original condition.

Even if the repair looks great to most people, many professional car inspectors and appraisers such as the AA and RAC will almost always carry out an inspection using an electronic paint depth gauge. This will immediately detect any previous paintwork of any quality and open questions as to the true extent of the underlying damage.

Why devalue your car by having panels re-sprayed when in many cases it's totally unnecessary ?

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How is this done?

Dents are meticulously massaged out by accessing the back of the damaged area. Using tiny, precise pushes and taps our technicians slowly restore the damaged panel back to its original shape and position.
Even if you have previously been told the repair isn't possible, please still contact us as we consistently repair damage described by other companies as “un-repairable.”
Dent Devils have been repairing vehicles for well over 25 years within the Motor Trade. Dent removal is becoming more commonly known among car owners keen to retain the look and value of their vehicle.

Don’t just take our word for it, click here to see what our customers say.

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Trusted Technicians

Our Technicians provide a completely mobile service and can come to your home or place of work- whatever suits you!

Having been instrumental in building the Industry Standard "ATA" accreditation for PDR Technicians, we know the importance of delivering quality directly to our customers.

We know how special your car is to you and will always send a Dent Devils technician out to you.


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