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Dent repair shouldn't cost the Earth

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Maintaining value also helps our Planet

The moment a vehicle is painted it's originality along with some of it's value is lost forever, keeping it original with a PDR repair where possible helps to retain the residual value of the vehicle.

Fact: Independent studies have shown that even two dents on a car can reduce it's value by 15%.

Maintaining the value of a vehicle benefits all it's future owners and hopefully prolongs its lifespan, thus also decreasing the impact on the environment by new vehicle manufacturing.

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Lowering Emmissions

Unlike most vehicle repair methods our paintless dent removal system does not add to the world's considerable pollution problems by pumping untold amounts of chemicals into the atmosphere.

 We are very proud to say that we do not spray paint, use thinners, lacquers or body filler and our energy usage is negligible during the repair process. Whilst we occasionally use a heat lamp or hot air gun to warm the panel and keep the paint surface as flexible as possible, our energy use is almost negligible.

In repairing approximately 170,00 cars each year, we release zero tonnage of waste chemicals into the local air. Compare that to an average body shop that repairs 2000 cars per year where 76,000 litres of paint and solvent in a year is likely to produce as much as 64 tonnes of volatile organic compound emissions (VOC) per year.

By choosing a paintless repair where possible we can all do our bit to reduce the total amount of VOC released into the air that we and our children breathe.

The prime human health and environmental benefits from this reduction in VOC emissions are expected to arise due to reductions in ground level concentrations of ozone include:

  • reduction in human health impacts 
  • acute morbidity and chronic mortality
  • reduction in damage to crops
  • reduction in damage to materials (e.g. paint, rubber, textiles) 
  • reduction in damage to forests and ecosystems.


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