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"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Thomas Edison

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The secret to our success is our bespoke intensive training programme. A new franchisee will typically receive 3 months structured residential training at our custom built facility. Here they are motivated to pursue perfection by some of the top technicians in the country and can also experience the deeper complexities of PDR.

We don't sell you tools at every turn. We aim to equip you with the best, most comprehensive specialist tools right from the off! Our franchise package includes most of the elements you will need to make a success of your career. 

However, it is a two way street! You will need to bring bags of enthusiasm, determination and mental stamina.

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Our people are everything to us...

The key to any successful organisation is the quality of its personnel. That is why we positively vet all applications to be sure that all trainees will be able to maintain the high standards that the Dent Devils reputation holds.
As we are far more concerned in attracting the best to our network, rather than just those who have the largest bank balance, we offer a vastly subsidised franchise package to successful applicants. This ensures that every technician is given the on-going backup and support essential for them to be the best – and be rewarded as such.
There are some locations where there is a need to strengthen our coverage.
If you have a genuine desire to be the best and are interested in a career with Dent Devils then call 0800 458 6700 to apply for a prospectus.
Please note that all initial enquiries for a franchise prospectus must be made by phone.

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Not just a light and a video....

Due to some of our competitors offering miserably inadequate training programs consisting of a few days tuition and a video, the Dent Devils approach to excellence is without doubt the best available in the industry. Our training covers the following key areas:

  • Mastering glue pulling techniques
  • Safe working practices
  • Restricted access repairs
  • Practice of techniques and skills in a controlled environment
  • The use and overview of the Dent Devils System
  • Introducing key learning points required for PDR
  • How to gain access to panels i.e. trim removal and access points
  • Severe damage repairs
  • Electric vehicle safe working practices
  • Live work situations

Without total dedication, commitment and self-discipline our potential technicians will not attain the extraordinarily high skill levels we insist upon. In addition to learning and practicing the skills and techniques until they exceed accepted industry standards, our trainee technicians are also required to practice various assignments at weekends!

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